Amanda Lucas


b. 1986, HK.


I was in the middle of Caesars Palace Las Vegas and my head ached. My Hawaiian uncle thought that the only way to cure my headache was reiki. In the middle of the casino, he grasped at the air, swirled his hands over my head, and exclaimed loudly. Thinking he was doing a magic trick, people stared and took photos of us while my cheeks burned. After “transferring” the bad energy out that was causing my headache, he asked if I felt better. My pain was gone, but it was probably the Advil my mom had given me an hour earlier. I’m not afraid to solve problems with unorthodox solutions, and I won’t stop at public humiliation to finish a task.

Unconventional jobs I would love to pursue:

  • Queen Elizabeth’s corgi wrangler

  • Aura photographer

  • RuPaul's Drag Race judge

  • Obama’s friend

If you want to talk or if you're an avid "dogspotter" email me:


My museum scratch off map. More dots to come.